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Wedding Cakes

Is the big day on the horizon? Have you chosen a wedding cake for the special day? At Eccentric International Chefs we understand that you have many decisions to make for your wedding day.


If you are looking for a timeless and simple wedding cake, then look no further. Make a lasting impression dressed in ribbons and lace!


Elegant wedding cakes fit in with most bride's wedding or theme, between simple and exquisite, they are just right!


From designer wedding gowns to ornate flowers, wedding cakes can also be extravagant. Design and customize every aspect of your cake for your special day.

Groom Cakes

Groom's cakes are a gift from the bride that reflects the groom's personality and interests. Groom's cakes are building in popularity, check out more information here.

Call and make an appointment to try our fabulous cake and let Eccentric International Chefs show you what we can create just for you.

For tips on how to select the right cake for you, visit your "Selecting the right wedding cake"

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